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"You can't change something, until you don't know how you do it" 

Moshe Feldenkrais

Sahar Rokah 

  • I'm relational and attachment orientated therapist. 

  • I'm Mindfulness and body-based Psychotherapist, work in the spirit of the Hakumi method. 

  • I'm a mindfulness teacher - MBSR, MBCT protocols.

  • I'm practicing and walking on the Buddhist path for the last 13 years.

  • I'm a full member in the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychotherapy in Israel.


If you experience one or more of the following difficulties:

  • Repeated challenge and difficulty in marital, family and friendship relationships

  • Coping with chronic pain and psychosomatic symptoms

  • trauma and anxiety

  • emotional difficulties

I am here for you and happy to help.

I strongly believe in the possibility of change and growth in our lives and in the places we find it difficult for us, with the help and support of a therapeutic and safe relationship. 

Integrative approach: 

  • Mindfulness and body based therapy - helps us put the story aside, work with this moment here and now. we go inside to our experience so we can discover the core, those limiting psychological beliefs that influence our choices, our feeling about ourselves, about life.

  • Experiential therapy - with the agree of not knowing and to be open to find out what is happening in the moment, release a goal to achieve something specific and trust the path... we have an exit to get out of the usual mind and go downstairs to the experience in the body and see what is revealed?  In this way it's helps us to learn the unconscious and to go depper to our inner world that formed around those core psychological beliefs that created a certain sense of self, the other, connection and the world.

  • Attachment based therapy - makes sense and give us a map to understand our early relationl history, and how to be in deep contact with parts of ourselves that we got lost there... then new possibility of creating close, stable, safer and healthier relationships can open in our lives. 

Thanks to the integrative approach, I witness deep transformations in people's lives - 

new sense of capability, deeper emotional regulation, confidence, inner stability, and the joy of being who we are with all our parts, and also going beyond what we thought was possible for us, especially in interpersonal relationships.

The Clinic

I receive patients via Zoom and also in my clinic in Karkur, Israel.

Sunday -  Thursday  between 9:00 - 18:00 (Israel time)

Friday-Saturday the clinic is closed.

meeting times is fixed in advanced

Length of meeting: one hour

The meetings are held regularly once a week. 

Price per meeting: 90 euros

Professional tranings

• Hakumi  - Mindfulness and body-based psychotherapy at Hakomi Institute, Hod Hasharon Israel. Graduated the four-year program  - two years of studying the principles of Hakumi method and another two and a half years of internship - I worked with young people in a youth village and in psychiatric hospital, in an integrative clinic based on mindfulness, in addition to accompanying patients with depression resistant to ketamine treatments. 

  • I was an assistant in the training program.

• Somatic Experiencing® course

• Advanced trauma treatment techniques course with Manuela Mishka Reeds (Hakomi California Institute)

• Somatic approach in attachment patterns course with Ruth Ben Asher

• Courses 'From Adolescence to Matriculation' and 'The Fully Mature Self' with Dr. Ido Simion

• "Repair in Emotion" course, the AEDP method - accelerated dynamic experiential therapy with Dr. Nirit Avraham

• Sexuality, Eros and Mindfulness course with Maisie Dei (Millarca Hakomi, Spain)

• 'Ogen' course - 'Psychopathic narcissistic relationship course, the invisible violence, with Hani Lorenzi-Oren and Einav Yulevitch.

• The shadow work with Family constellation constellation course for therapists with Nir Esterman.

Currently - i'm doing training in couple and individual therapy based on attachment and Emotionally focused therapy, (based on the EFT, AEDP method) under the guidance of Tali Granot Bashan.


In addition, I am a mindfulness teacher, graduate of the teacher training programs in Mode Institute, for mindfulness in science and society, Reichman University Herzliya and Bangor University, England .

Teaches MBSR courses (stress and stress reduction through mindfulness) and MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive intervention for depression/anxiety) methods.

graduated from the MTTC teacher training program - agents of change (mindfulness with an emphasis on social change), works a lot with trauma-sensitive mindfulness and mindfulness adapted to chronic pain.


Practicing, studying and walking the Buddhist path for over 13 years. Over the years, I have participated in dozens of Vipassana courses and retreats in Israel and around the world, currently a guide at the Tovana Association.

To contact me Please send me a WhatsApp +97252-5398762 

and we will set time for a short conversation (free of charge).

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